General Terms and Conditions of ZEITQUARTIER GmbH

For customers and prospective guests

These terms and conditions apply to you as our customers and prospective guests.

No commission for customers

For you as our customers (prospective guests), renting furnished living space for a limited period of time, which is carried out by ZEITQUARTIER GmbH on the website operated by it:, is free of commission.

Verification of offer

ZEITQUARTIER GmbH is commissioned as a contractor to provide verification of or broker a rental property that meets the specified conditions. The contractor can provide verification or brokerage in any form, including by telephone, fax or email to the prospective guest.

Information obligation

If a rental relationship is established through the use of the contractor, ZEITQUARTIER GmbH must be informed immediately, at the latest within 3 working days.

The same applies in the event of a subsequent extension of the original rental period, the exercise of extension options and the conclusion of follow-up rental contracts. This information obligation also applies if no rental contract has been concluded. At the same time, the prospective guest declares that they have not made use of the verified offers and will not use them in the future either. The prospective guest is liable as the client for costs and possibly lost commissions that ZEITQUARTIER GmbH incurs as a result of non-compliance with the above.

If you do not want to take a brokered and / or verified offer to conclude a contract or if the request has been dealt with, you are obliged to inform us immediately in writing. By terminating the brokerage order, you declare that the offers received have not led to the conclusion of a contract.

Transfer of data

The data of the prospective guest (name, contact details, etc.) is treated confidentially by ZEITQUARTIER and only passed on to apartment providers or their representatives or agents for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. Our information and property records are intended exclusively for the addressed recipient and are to be treated confidentially. Passing on information about potential hosts to third parties is prohibited or requires our express written consent. If the information is passed on to third parties without our consent and if the third party or other persons to whom the third party has in turn passed on the information conclude one or more contracts with the provider of the property on the basis of this information, you may be liable to pay compensation to us.


Our activity extends exclusively to the brokerage and verification activity, further liability for the accommodation relationship existing between our client and the host or for the annulment / cancellation of the rental contract for whatever legal reason is expressly excluded.

All data and descriptions published by us are based on information provided by the property provider. We maintain this data and information with the greatest care, but cannot assume any liability for the correctness of all information transmitted and published. We reserve the right to change data at any time.

Severability clause

The legal ineffectiveness of individual provisions of this contract does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the contract is to be understood accordingly.

Place of jurisdiction

If the client is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code, the place of jurisdiction is Essen. German law applies to our contractual relationships.

Data protection

ZEITQUARTIER GmbH takes the protection of personal data very seriously. We want you to know when we save which data and how we use it. In the case of rental or rental requests, we only use your personal information within ZEITQUARTIER GmbH and the website it operates: and only pass it on to third parties insofar as this is necessary for successful accommodation brokerage. Third parties in the aforementioned sense are potential hosts and their agents in the case of a rental request and potential guests and their agents in the case of a rental request. Insofar as we’re obliged to do so by law or by court order, we will transmit your data to bodies entitled to receive information. Further information can be found online under data protection.

Valid from 1 October 2018