Which apps for the next business trip?

You’re probably already familiar with Google maps, Maps.Me and Uber. But if you’re looking for your way in an unfamiliar city, need to coordinate your appointments, or have to cope with a foreign language while abroad, you should know a few more apps that make your life on the road so much easier. Here is a small selection:

Travel Expenses & Mobile Expenses

This app conveniently records expenses and travel costs. It also helps with the settlement of travel expenses. Current German per diems can be accessed without registering. When registered, all expenses are automatically calculated and the respective currencies are converted. In addition, travel routes and distances are documented and archived. The app is free, with registration there is a charge.


Translates texts and websites and you can start a voice-to-voice conversation. In more than 90 languages. The new offline mode allows iTranslate to be used abroad – without having to pay expensive roaming charges.


On a business trip, coordinating appointments is not only helpful, but essential. The free Android and iOS calendar app “Wave” offers useful and versatile functions. With the help of the synchronization function, all appointments from different calendars, no matter whether Outlook, Gmail or even Facebook, are combined into a clear schedule. Thanks to the user-friendly drag and drop function, the individual appointments can be easily moved back and forth.

Sign Easy

The “SignEasy” app helps with business transactions on the go. Documents such as tax return forms, real estate contracts or invoices can be saved to a mobile device with the app – and even signed on the go. Printing or scanning processes are completely eliminated. SignEasy” thus saves a lot of time, money – and above all stress. While the basic application is free of charge, business use with many extras is subject to a fee.


MapStr is an app with built-in GPS location that works anywhere, tagging and storing personal favorite addresses and for important locations around the world directly on a map in the app. A restaurant, a hotel, a meeting place, just save and recall when you’re back in town.


As the name suggests, this app finds everything nearby: Stores, parking lots, gas stations – handy if you don’t know your way around a neighborhood or city at all. The app is available in 7 languages and works everywhere.


Not without reason the most downloaded app in the world: it covers more than 1,700 cities in 79 countries and provides constantly updated information about means of transportation. The app informs about possible delays via SMS.