Home – The power of colors

Colors are considered the key to the soul. Their healing effect is well known – the use of colors has a lasting influence on our mood. The psychoanalysts around C.G. Jung already knew this – because colors are the mother tongue of the unconscious. Colors have an effect, whether you want them to or not.

Colors are no less important when it comes to furnishing the four walls, because used correctly, they not only affect the style of a room, but also the well-being of its inhabitants. The rule is that living rooms should not be designed monothematically. A mixture of stimulation and calming is considered ideal. Color researchers advocate that two-thirds of a room should have a calming effect. This is achieved with neutral colors such as cloudy lime or sun tones. In the last third, crayon-like pastel colors can be used. Pictures, fabrics, curtains or pillows are ideal for this. Pure, intense colors should be used with caution – because they stir us up too much. The long look at a pure red wall triggers downright stress in the body. However, the reverse is also true: colors can calm and even strengthen our immune system.

Trends also have a major influence on how homes are furnished and designed. Currently, soft tones such as a pink with nuances of beige or gray and black mixed with blue, red and green are very popular.

Especially for upholstered furniture, olive green, petrol or turquoise are particularly in at the moment. Whether brown, green, ocher or mustard – in combination with natural materials such as wool, velvet or wood, you can create a cozy atmosphere that goes well with the cold season. Matching the vintage wave with the beige and gray tones, people like to combine a shade of pink. As a contrast, dark colors are popular, such as a cool blue, dark green or gray.

For the walls, the gaudy, harsh white is out. In times of global instability and unrest, the place of residence becomes the center of a longing for harmony and home. As tones are therefore in demand at the moment not gaudy colors, but soft, toned variants.

The trend of floral wallpaper and the new triumphal procession of green plants, long considered “spiky”, in the living area also fits in with this. Together with red and terracotta tones, nature is being brought back into the living room.

By the way, the positive effect of color can also be experienced through food: Red cherries, yellow pears send clear signals. But did you know that potatoes, fish and poultry are assigned to the color blue and therefore help with nervousness.