Coworking spaces or
how we will work in the future

The classic office building could soon be a case for the museum. More and more companies are foregoing ostentatious glass buildings in favor of coworking spaces, i.e. flexible office spaces. Here, people share a rented office. The coworkers do not necessarily work for one company, but sometimes come from different industries.

The new trend thus serves a development in which people want to be mobile and act freely. In addition, most companies are pushing into large cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf or Essen. In the meantime, there is often a lack of space here, and rents for commercial space are rising steadily.

Coworking spaces are also increasingly popping up in the Rhine-Ruhr boom region around Essen and are gradually changing the way we work.

Different coworking space models

Currently, different coworking space models are emerging. For example, companies are signing long-term fixed rental agreements. Most of the time, these are smaller properties, which are therefore cheaper, but do not offer space for all coworkers. As a result, coworkers often have to change their place of residence.

Another model is being used by more and more start-up companies. The rental contracts run for a limited period of time, by the month, week or even day. Entrepreneurs thus enjoy more flexibility and pay less rent overall.

Coworking spaces more than just a trend?

Coworking Space

Opinions about coworking spaces differ. Some experts from the real estate industry put the brakes on and point to the current figures. They say that coworking spaces currently account for less than one percent of the available space in Germany.

More optimistic voices point to the advantages, especially for medium-sized companies. They often have their headquarters in small or medium-sized towns that are unattractive to young people. Coworking spaces in large cities thus create entirely new incentives.

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