Coworking spaces increase employee satisfaction

We have already published several articles on coworking spaces in our blog. The collaboration of employees outside their own company premises in a cozy atmosphere is attracting more and more young people to the big cities. But medium-sized companies in rural regions or large companies with suburban locations are now also benefiting from coworking spaces.

Working in lofts or large, furnished apartments can help to attract urgently needed skilled workers to one’s own company.

The first thing to do is to dispel any preconceptions. For a long time, coworking spaces were considered to be workplaces suitable mainly for freelancers or hip start-ups. In many companies’ HR departments, the prevailing opinion was: Such coworking spaces are open-plan offices or cafés with a few tables and electrical outlets, where people don’t know in the morning what their workday would look like.

For some time now, medium-sized companies have also been using the flexible spaces. And even large corporations are now relocating entire departments to coworking spaces.

Why coworking spaces?

The advantages for companies are obvious:

  • Flexibility and
  • cost efficiency

Companies that rent office space in the traditional way always have to sign contracts over several years. With the coworking space model, rental contracts with significantly shorter terms are conceivable. Additional rooms or rooms that are no longer needed can be rented or terminated quickly and easily. In addition, coworking providers usually provide the complete infrastructure. Companies do not have to worry about the design of the office or things like Internet access, printers and everything else that is necessary. Simply move in and the work can start.

Frauen sitzen mit Computern am Tisch

More exchange + more freedom = more satisfaction

Especially young people at the beginning of their career want to experience something on the one hand, on the other hand they like the cozy and the common exchange with other people. Very often, people from a wide variety of industries work in coworking spaces – from freelancers to start-ups to huge corporations.

Professional coworking providers promote this exchange, for example, through joint breakfasts or other events that lend themselves to networking. Companies should not underestimate the potential, because such a working atmosphere as in a coworking space helps their own employees to broaden their personal horizons and to think progressively.

And another advantage of coworking spaces that should not be underestimated: the commute to work is shortened. Especially industrial companies located on the outskirts of cities or in rural regions are often difficult for employees to reach. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, are usually located very centrally and increasingly also in the Ruhr region. This shortens the journey and increases satisfaction. Coworking spaces are particularly suitable for departments such as sales, marketing or finance.

We support companies

We at Zeitquartier offer companies a special service. We also offer larger, furnished apartments where working is possible like in a coworking space. If you are interested in an offer in this direction, let’s talk.