This is how we live in 2020!

What are the home trends in 2020? Around the international furniture fair IMM Cologne (until January 19), experts provide insights. These are the 5 trends we can look forward to this year.

Trend No. 1: Sustainability

Until now, the topic of sustainability and living only played a role for customers with a corresponding purse. It was true: You have to be able to afford sustainable.

This is where we are seeing a change in 2020, reports Ursula Geismann from the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM). More and more customers are attaching importance to having sustainable furniture in their homes.

The furniture expert’s thesis is: “We will experience a phase in which sustainability is privatized.”

Trend No. 2: Wood

“Wood is experiencing a renaissance,” predicts Ursula Geismann of VDM. Wooden furniture, however, has long been one of the absolute top favorites among German customers. If it was once called ‘oak brutal’, today’s furniture has long since shed this old-fashioned charm.

In the meantime, there are even supply bottlenecks for oak furniture. Many other types of wood are also in demand.

And the demand for wooden furniture will continue to grow in 2020, Ursula Geismann is convinced. While for a long time only small parts were made of wood, this year we will see sofas with wooden backs or armrests made of wood.

Blaue Wand mit Tisch davor

Trend No. 3: Beige & Blue

The outer appearance of the new furniture also depict the ‘sustainability’ trend. In terms of colors, we see a lot of soft beige tones and light browns. Blue will be a big theme. By the way: Classic Blue has been chosen as the Pantone color 2020. Fitting.

Trend No. 4: Minimalism

Furniture in 2020 will look simple and less opulent. Because more and more people are traveling globally, many people are taking home home impressions from other countries, says IMM spokesman Markus Majerus.

Scandinavia and Japan in particular cultivate this minimalist style of living. There, people traditionally furnish their homes with lots of wood in a clear but elegant design language.

Trend No. 5: Comfort living

For years, the entire furniture industry had a hard time with age-appropriate living. No furniture manufacturer wanted to advertise that it made beautifully designed and functional furniture for older people.

And yet the Germans are getting older and older. The market is virtually ready. In 2020, we will also see a change in the area of furniture for seniors. This already starts with the designation: Comfort Living. The name appeals to a larger target group, because – whether young or old – we all want to live comfortably and cozily. And taste doesn’t suddenly change at 70.

Who doesn’t appreciate being able to recline comfortably in an armchair or on a sofa at the touch of a button?

Stylish temporary living

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