Digital nomads: Diverse offer

Digital nomads is the modern term for people who can work from anywhere. According to this definition, the Corona era has turned a great many people into digital nomads. The so-called office workers moved their workplace to their own four walls. And it worked, somehow anyway.

In the past weeks and months, people’s travel increased again due to increased vaccination numbers and relaxations of the Corona measures.

If you are one of the digital nomads, we would like to give you an overview of what options there are for you to find a second home away from home.

1. temporary living – short

Renting furnished flats for a short time is another trend from the Corona era. After all, it was not always so easy to reconcile work and family within one’s own four walls.

For digital nomads, temporary living for short periods of time creates more freedom. They arrive, move in and immediately feel at home. Today, fast internet is standard in furnished flats. Working from a second home is no problem at all.

Such a short-term rental is not only suitable in times of pandemic, perhaps you only have project-related work to do in another city. Especially then, temporary living provides maximum flexibility.

Have you fallen in love with your second home? If you want to rent for a few more days, talk to your landlord.

2. temporary accommodation – long

Temporary accommodation is of course also possible for longer periods. This also pleases the landlord. Your business project may last six months or even longer. If you know this in advance, renting a furnished flat for several months is worthwhile.

Disadvantage: If the schedule of your project changes, i.e. becomes shorter, you would still have to pay the rent for the agreed period. Just talk to your landlord in such a case. You may be able to find a solution that both sides are happy with.

By the way, temporary living is not only suitable for digital nomads. For example, if you accompany a loved one who has to stay in hospital for a longer period of time for therapy reasons, a second home away from home makes more than sense.


3. serviced flats

A special form of temporary living is called a serviced flat. Especially if you are a digital nomad and live abroad purely for work, you probably want to take less care of things around the house. Then you should choose a serviced flat.

Here you live like at home, but you get the same standard as in a hotel. Regular cleaning, a laundry service and other amenities are part of the rent. The monthly rate is higher, but your living comfort increases and you can take care of your professional affairs.

4 Coworking space

Especially in big cities, the trend is towards so-called coworking spaces. This is a modern form of shared apartment. Here, people from similar professional fields work and live under one roof. Through the exchange with others, satisfaction increases and ideas grow from the loft to the sky.

Young people in particular appreciate this new way of living and working together. Employers also benefit from this. Because satisfied employees also perform better. In addition, the permanent exchange with other people makes it easier to overcome hurdles. Here, people help each other.

Are you a digital nomad looking for a furnished flat?

No problem. Take advantage of our personal ZEITQUARTIER customer service. We will answer all your questions, whether you are looking for a second home in a foreign country for business or pleasure.