Summer of normality?

The number of infections is falling, incidence rates are in the single digits in some regions, and we have already experienced the first sweaty summer days. Is the Corona pandemic nearing its end? It is still difficult to assess. In any case, the vaccinations are progressing steadily and a certain normality seems to be setting in.

The willingness to travel is increasing not only in the private sphere, but also in the professional sphere. More and more events are taking place on a hybrid basis, with participants and guests on site and simultaneously as a live stream on the Internet. This experience will certainly remain with us in the post-pandemic, meetings or events can also be organized via the Internet.

Professional travel remains necessary

Nevertheless, there are enough occasions when a face-to-face meeting simply makes more sense. Larger construction projects, for example, can only be managed online to a limited extent and require a presence on site at least temporarily.

For business-related travel, many people now appreciate the ‘temporary living’ model. After all, a furnished apartment, one’s own second home in another city, offers many more options and protection than a hotel room.

Many of our lessors have adapted their hygiene standards to the pandemic conditions. This will remain the case after Corona. Because it offers our tenants real added value.

In addition to the hygiene standards, which we have improved and adapted to pandemic conditions by default, having your own temporary apartment offers you many more opportunities to protect yourself.

And we don’t need to say much about comfort and well-being, an anonymous room, even in a star hotel, can never compete with that.

Landschaft mit Sonnenuntergang

Discover your home completely new

What applies to the professional environment naturally also applies to private travel. Due to the still somewhat uncertain situation, many people are foregoing long-distance travel this summer and prefer to spend the best time of the year in domestic climes.

Going for a walk has become a kind of popular sport in lockdown times, a hike offered the only possibility to get some fresh air and simply see something other than your own four walls during the time of standoff.

It was only through Corona that many people realized how beautiful it is outside their own door. And here, too, temporary living offers an alternative way to explore your own region a little more closely. For example, if you want to immerse yourself in a city like Essen, you can’t do it in two days in a hotel. If you rent an apartment in the middle of the hip neighborhoods, all you have to do is walk out the door and literally soak up the Ruhrpott feeling.

And even though the Ruhr region used to be disparagingly referred to as the “coal pot,” there are more green oases here than in many a Bavarian region, for example around Lake Baldeney or at the Kemnader Reservoir in the south of Bochum.

Even if not everything is completely back to normal yet, a vacation from your own four walls in a second home certainly has its appeal. You’ll probably get a much more conscious view of your own home. Just give it a try!

We advise you personally

At ZEITQUARTIER we will find the right apartment for you, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. We offer you apartments that you can use as a home office or furnished apartments with a spacious kitchen and room for the whole family, according to your own needs.

And our service is personal. With us, you don’t talk to a call center. We take the time for your wishes. Try us out!