Is temporary living becoming the new standard for business travelers?

COVID-19, the coronavirus, is a concern for people worldwide. Normality is still a long way off. And it seems questionable whether we will ever again experience normality as we did before Corona. This applies to vacation travel, but of course also to business travel.

Many hotels have had to close or significantly reduce their offerings because of the COVID-19 restrictions. Conversely, those responsible for business travel in companies are thinking very carefully about whether they can still send their employees to a hotel with a clear conscience.

The health of their own employees has taken on a whole new significance as a result of the coronavirus. Suddenly, things like

  • hygiene,
  • safety protocols,
  • Insurance, in case of no-shows,
  • flexibility in bookings and postponements,
  • uncomplicated online bookings and
  • personal contact person.

Since some points cannot be fully guaranteed by hotels, the question arises whether business trips will be planned more individually in the future or, in other words, will temporary living become the new business standard for travel?

What remains after Corona

It has (hopefully) become second nature to all of us by now: thorough hand washing and the wearing of protective mouth-nose masks wherever sufficient distance from other people is not possible.

Other things certainly won’t go away either, such as the Plexiglas screens at supermarket checkouts or other public places where people meet.

And, of course, there is an increased need among business travelers to keep their temporary homes clean, i.e., professionally disinfected. Where better to do this than in one’s own four walls, even if they are temporarily in a foreign country?

In a hotel, however, certain residual doubts always remain as to whether the hard-working cleaners have always cleaned each room thoroughly. With regard to hygiene, there were always difficulties in hotels even before Corona.

Hände waschen

Safety first

In times of COVID-19, companies that send their employees on business trips naturally have an increased interest in where their employees spend their time. Large gatherings of people, such as in hotels, are more likely to cause uncertainty with regard to health.

Another decisive criterion in the choice of accommodation will be flexible cancellation policies in the future. Companies will pay close attention to whether business trips can be rebooked at short notice or canceled altogether. The whole thing is a question of cost. High cancellation fees are more of a deterrent.

And speaking of costs, many companies have already discovered the advantages of temporary living before COVID-19, because a furnished apartment is less expensive than an anonymous hotel room.

Service from one source

We at ZEITQUARTIER offer companies but also private travelers in Corona times the best possible service. This has always included the highest possible flexibility in the event of cancellations or postponements of trips.

Since we know all our landlords personally for many years, we guarantee highest hygiene standards in all offered apartments in our online portal.

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