On the road a lot? How I stay fit

Business travel can be stressful and exhausting. From little sleep to heavy dinners, health is tested. Staying fit and healthy is easier with just a few tips.

Drink enough

Banal, but unfortunately still often too little considered: Drinking enough. Rushing from meeting to meeting, talking to new clients, lunch on the go – it can all be dehydrating. Drinking enough helps you stay alert and productive. The best way is to take care of yourself and always have a small bottle of water with you.

Get enough sleep

Especially when, the days are “full”, it is important to give your body and mind a good and sufficient night’s rest. Good sleep helps wonderfully. It is important to remain mindful and pay attention to getting enough sleep in a comfortable atmosphere. Feeling comfortable, having the right pillow and not being bothered by noise are optimal conditions to get fit for the next day.

Appointments: Better at noon

Especially when you’re a stranger in town, evening dates with a shared meal sound tempting. But while they can certainly be entertaining, business dinners aren’t always the best for your good figure. If you have frequent evening commitments, you should reschedule and try to make some lunch dates. That’s when you usually order smaller portions and forgo alcohol.

Climb stairs

Stay active. Especially when you’re on the road, you often don’t find the time for your daily workout or a trip to the gym. That makes it all the more important to leave the elevator behind and take the stairs whenever possible. It only costs a few extra minutes and gives your body an extra boost of energy.