Post-Corona: Our life with the virus

After weeks of isolation, contact blocks and social distancing, we are experiencing a new phase in times of the coronavirus: Our daily life feels a bit more ‘normal’.

However, normalcy like before the coronavirus does not seem possible for the foreseeable future. Mass events such as music concerts or soccer matches in stadiums will probably not become more realistic again until a vaccine is available to the world.

In the world of work, company bosses have realized why home offices and video conferencing may have more potential than was thought before the coronavirus. Many companies are even considering whether hundreds of meters of office towers are still in keeping with the times.

The home has won

Many experts are already thinking about the post-Corona era. What will remain, what will become? Most experts agree on one point: In the future, we will do a lot more work from home. The daily trip by bus, train or car will be eliminated.

Even before the coronavirus, many companies started sending employees home from the office tower. The home is not necessarily the four walls at home. For several years now, more and more people have been working on a project basis from a second home away from home. These places have names like coworking spaces, serviced apartments or simply temporary living.

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Home office enhances quality of life

This trend of offering one’s own employees a second home, and thus being able to better support a project or a customer on site, will continue to grow in post-Corona times. Because company bosses are realizing – perhaps forced by the Corona virus – what potential there is in the home office or temporary living.

Here are just a few of the key points:

  • Superfluous trips to the office are eliminated, and the time saved is replaced by an increase in valuable working time.
  • Employees feel better because they are more relaxed at work overall and eat healthier because they cook for themselves more often.
  • In a home away from home, employees enjoy all the benefits they are accustomed to in their own home, can simply withdraw or end the working day comfortably on the sofa.
  • Overall, people work in a much more relaxed and productive way because their quality of life increases.

We have already reported on other points in our blog. It is worth informing yourself.

Because a home away from home for employees is also worthwhile from a cost perspective. Especially in the post-Corona era, many companies have to keep a close eye on their costs. A furnished apartment for an employee costs less than a hotel room.

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We help you

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