Temporary living as an attractive home office alternative

Many people are working in a home office for the first time because of the Corona situation. Working at home, some experts predict, will become the new normal in the modern working world. But not every screen worker wants to work from home permanently and wants a strict separation of work and privacy. So why not simply rent a furnished apartment and use it as a temporary office? We have already reported on the benefits of this option in our blog, especially in pandemic times.

Especially working people with small children rightly complain that home office and homeschooling do not go together. Even elaborate daily schedules don’t help.

Temporary living, on the other hand, would be a possible alternative if spouses agree on specific office hours and take turns caring for children.

Since home office is still completely new territory for many employees, we’ve looked around the web for you and compiled the six most important tips to help you get your work done in a structured way.

1. find the right place

Maybe you are one of those people who can work in a focused way in a home environment. Many don’t manage to do that. In this case, furnished apartments, preferably close to home, offer a favorable alternative in many respects. When choosing, you should definitely pay attention to these things:

  • a fast Internet connection,
  • supermarkets in the immediate vicinity,
  • hygiene concepts,
  • flexible cancellation conditions.

For the furnished apartments offered by ZEITQUARTIER, all four points usually apply. If you want to be absolutely sure, contact us.

2. define fixed working hours

Don’t make the mistake of considering the entire day as potential working time. This inevitably leads to burnout. It is best to inform your clients and official contacts when you are available to deal with their matters. This will reduce your personal stress and also provide clarity for your clients or colleagues.

Tasse Tee, im Hintergrund ein Laptop

3. set goals for yourself

It sounds so simple, but create a daily plan. On it, you should name the work you want to get done. Be realistic. A daily schedule that is too full will only create pressure and stress, as well as frustration because you haven’t completed all the activities on your list. A well-thought-out daily schedule gives you structure and makes you feel happy at the end of the day when you look at your list of ticked-off tasks.

4. create routines

Whether in your own home or in the temporary living model, provide routines. Always start your day at a set time. Set a fixed time when you want to start working. This way you exercise your body and mind and ensure a sense of well-being. By the way, routines do not only help in the work environment, also take into account fixed sleeping times and make sure you eat healthy.

5 avoid social media

This tip doesn’t just apply in pandemic times: Leave social media to the left during work hours. Scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram stream may be tempting, but it only eats up your precious work time and prevents concentrated work. Plus, a little chat in between with a colleague signals that someone here is always available. Likes and smileys can also be distributed after work.

6 allow yourself regular breaks

No one works with complete concentration all day long. It’s perfectly normal to be. If you notice your mind wandering, take a break. This doesn’t just mean a quick break for breakfast or lunch; if possible, get out into the fresh air for a few minutes. Or get a coffee, a glass of water or treat yourself to a small meal. Build in breaks and stretch and stretch your tight muscles. That way, you’ll treat your body to something good and clear your head to tackle the next task with concentration.

We have the right home office for you

Our tips will now help you to get through the day successfully. Now all you need is a suitable home office. Contact our ZEITQUARTIER customer service. Together we will find a suitable furnished apartment where you can concentrate on your work.