5 reasons why companies benefit from temporary housing

Temporary living is now more than just a fad, but represents a real alternative to hotels, especially for longer stays. More and more companies are recognizing this and, in times of increasing globalization and mobile workplaces, are increasingly giving preference to furnished apartments. Companies save money with furnished apartments, have satisfied employees and secure real competitive advantages. We would like to present the five most important advantages.

1. desire for second homes increases

In almost all industries, companies demand flexibility from their employees. More and more often, people need to work in another city for a certain period of time. Hotels are too impersonal for many mobile ‘workers’. They have the desire to come home, to have space and also to participate in the life of the city. This desire is fulfilled by a second home on a temporary basis.

2. more motivated employees through temporary housing

When people feel at home even when they are away from home, this has an overall positive effect on motivation. Let’s not kid ourselves: Being away from home for a long time takes energy. Having your own temporary home, which is as close as possible to your own feeling of being at home, helps to recharge lost energy reserves.

3. no long-term contracts

Companies also benefit from the flexible terms of temporary accommodation. Furnished apartments are available for as little as one month, but can also be rented for six months or longer, depending on requirements. In addition, other terms can usually be agreed individually. Due to the temporal flexibility there are no unnecessary costs. This makes sense when projects are not precisely defined in terms of time or for young professionals during their probationary period.

4. incentive for skilled workers

The much cited shortage of skilled workers burdens many industries. Therefore, Wohnen auf Zeit offers companies the opportunity to lure specialists and executives to another city with the prospect of a comfortable and stylish apartment. The choice is wide: from simply furnished apartments with a small kitchenette to luxury apartments and single-family homes for expat families from abroad.

5. temporary housing is often cheaper

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage for companies may be the price. Hotel rooms are usually many times more expensive than a furnished apartment. A good middle-class room in a hotel costs from 120 euros per night. Temporary accommodation with comparable facilities, on the other hand, costs around 1,200 to 1,300 euros. Companies save about 65 percent of their costs in this mode of calculation.

Let us advise you

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